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Genbukai Canada recognizes that people have a variety of reasons for beginning karate training. Our program is designed so that the needs of all our members can be met in a way that is beneficial to the student and true to the art of karate. We attempt to blend the tradition of the old ways with the needs of modern times.

We are fortunate to be guided by one of today's true karate masters, Shihan Fumio Demura, who is renowned throughout the karate world. Master Demura has been a leader in introducing traditional martial art in a modern world. He is truly a teacher's teacher. Our program strictly follows his guidelines, which have been designed to bring the best out of each and every participant.

Shitoryu Genbukai dojos have a philosophy of inclusiveness. That is, any person, regardless of age, gender or ability can participate in our program in a meaningful manner. We are not geared solely to the gifted student, although we do provide high level training and competitive opportunities to those so inclined. The majority of individuals who train at our dojos, are those interested in improving their physical condition, developing practical self-defense skills and learning an interesting and challenging martial art.

We consider our children's program to be one of the best. We understand that the needs and abilities of children differ greatly from those of adult members and our program reflects that understanding. In the first year of training, our instructors work to develop the physical skills a child will require to be successful at studying karate. Our method of instruction will also help children to develop strong character, self-discipline and respect for others. They will also learn skills that, with practice, will allow them to defend themselves quickly and effectively should the need arise.



The benefits of karate training are numerous. Karate training includes exercises that increase stamina, flexibility, strength and endurance. Karate is also mentally and physically challenging leading to a high degree of self-discipline. With each success the level of confidence of the practitioner increases, which benefits the whole person. Karate is recognized as one of the most effective methods of defending oneself against unprovoked aggression. In addition, karate provides an exciting and challenging opportunity for competition to those interested in that aspect of training.

Our program, dojos and instructors are recognized and approved by the Genbukai International. All clubs strictly follow the guidelines of that organization and all ranks are registered with and issued by Master Demura.

For detailed information regarding our program or any of our member clubs, please consult our dojo directory for the location nearest you or contact our main dojo where we can answer your questions and refer you to a suitable member club.

Last Updated: March 21, 2015